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Why China gather most of the human hair extensions manufacturers?
Sep 24, 2014-China-Since ancient civilizations, people start use wigs, that is mean they was synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs too. Other ancient civilizations whose citizens wore wigs were the Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and the Phoenicians. For the Romans, in particular, wigs were often made with hair from slaves. During the Roman Empire wealthy Roman women often wore elaborate hairpieces to greatly increase the volume and effect of the hairstyle. So ever now because of fashion, people like more when they are going to party or Major Festivals it is easily to use just wigs or hair extension to making the hair more perfect.

In contrast, the people of the ancient civilizations in the Far East, including China and Japan, rarely wore wigs except by actors performing in the traditional theaters of China and Japan (Noh or Kabuki) and by certain types of female entertainers such as the Japanese geisha or the Korean Kisaeng.

from that since 80s,china has so many small factory, just draw the hair and selling to different people who has the workers to making the wigs products, such as hand made in that time that why was so many factory in china about the hair process or manufacturer. so most of the hair products now export from china to all over the world and because of the big source about the raw material of human hair in china so Chinese company such as has more Advantage in raw material control, cost control, production capacity control, all because of big population in china.

Just like the raw material which will going for Africa and America wigs or hair extensions like yaki or straight hair weave, it is prefer to use Chinese hair, since it will be keep long use and more healthful. Specail the Remy virgin hair no any of other hair can make the straight or yaki as Chinese human hair extensions, it is because of Chinese hair specialty.

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CC Hair extensions focus on human hair extensions in which clip in remy hair extensions is the most popular one, as it is easy to wear and take off, you can apply clip in hair extensions yourself.

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